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High School Climate Change Symposium

Educate - Participate - Mitigate






This year, the symposium is taking on a new form than it has in years past, being phased back into an in-person event, the High School Climate Change Symposium will be taking place at its home location: the Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center. This location is not open to the public, but our sessions and climate change information still will be through our youtube channel, linked below!

Our Mission:

The High School Climate Change Symposium is planned and executed by a fully student-driven committee. Our members each share the same goal, which is to serve our part in combating anthropogenic climate change. Each year, we collaborate with outstanding individuals in environment-related fields within, and outside of our community, to construct an educational and enjoyable event for hundreds of students to attend. Our mission is to Educate attendees, to Participate in climate-friendly action, to Mitigate carbon emissions on a personal level, and beyond.

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