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About Us

We are a group of juniors and seniors from the Battle Creek

Area Mathematics and Science Center, a school with a curriculum based around STEM studies. With information gleaned from classes based around biology and science, we have come to see some of the major effects of climate change. We are motivated to inform people about climate change, as well as to enact meaningful change in climate policy.


Kaylynn Budreau

A high school student invested in creating awareness about climate change

My name is Kaylynn Budreau, I love the outdoors and taking photos. I am hoping to someday further my education in environmental science and or climate science so that I can help make a better impact on my community. 


Emma Elferdink

High school student and future wildlife conservationist

Hey, I'm Emma Elferdink! I'm a senior from Pennfield High School. I love studying wildlife and helping the environment any way I can, which is why I am a part of this group. In the future, I hope to learn more about how to protect the world that we all live in before it's too late. 


Kasey Conklin

High school student

Hi! My name is Kasey Conklin, and like most people, I find the change in climate worrying. Without the Earth, we are nothing. We have a lot we can do better as a society, and I hope to ordain some of that change.


Rylee Becker

High school student and artist

I am a self-taught artist and bookworm. Working to achieve my black belt as a recommended black belt of Sangham Taekwondo. Love to learn just about everything and pick up different hobbies. 


Tim Muhich

Teacher Advisor

I'm a Chemistry and Climate Change teacher at BCAMSC.  I am working to expand access of high quality climate change education to high school students. 



High school student

Hello, I’m Jacob and I’m a senior this year. I’ve always liked technology and love seeing how being more environmentally conscious pushes innovation and science.


TreShai Hubbard

High school student and future computer scientist

high school student and future computer scientist- hi! my name is TreShai Hubbard and I’m currently a junior.  I really like working with computers and reading. I hope to further my knowledge about climate change and educate others

Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 8.04.15 AM.png

Lauren Smith

High school student

My name is Lauren Smith. I love working in the outdoors and learning how I can make a positive impact on the world. I hope to get a degree in environmental science and wildlife biology in the future, I also plan to study abroad so I can see more of the world. 


Lucas Longden

High school student and aspiring Mathematician 

 I am a senior at Olivet High School and the Battle Creek Area Mathematics and Science Center with a passion for nature and an aspiring mathematician.

Lake house (2).jpg

Sami Pajak

High school student 

I am Samantha Pajak, and I am currently a Senior that attends the Battle Creek Area Mathematics and Science Center. I joined the Symposium project because I've always loved science and learning how to change the world with science, so I felt this was an amazing opportunity to learn and to inform others on how to change the world. 

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