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Sydney Fraley


Hello there! My name is Sydney Fraley, and I am the president of the HSCCS. This is my second year as an organizer in the symposium. I have always been extremely invested in the mitigation of climate change. It feels like the one thing that anyone could help fix that will have a positive impact on quite literally everyone and everything on Earth.

Jessie Wolverton

[BIG Secretary]

My name is Jessie Wolverton. I'm a senior at Union City High School, and am the senior member of the Committee. I hold a strong interest in all aspects of climate change, but especially for the impact on animals and ecosystems.

Alexandria Little

My name is Alexandria Little and I am a senior at the Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center. I have been a part of the HSCCS since my junior year when I found out about the club. The reason I decided to join was because I wanted to learn more about climate change and help other high schoolers learn more too.

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Dominic Hammond

Hi! My name is Dominic Hammond, I am a senior, and this is my second year as an organizer for the HSCCS. I believe that climate change is the single most important issue affecting the world today, and that we all have to work together to fix it.

Kailey Washburn

Hello! My name is Kailey Washburn. This is my first year being a part of the HSCCS. I'm a senior from Union City High School. I first became interested in climate change while taking a class at the math and science center about it. What caught my attention was the ways that scientists are trying to find solutions to climate change and all the advancements made so far.

Ashley Rawlings

[Self-proclaimed Executive Designer]

I am Ashley Rawlings, an 11th grader at BCMASC and Harper Creek. I recently joined HSCCS at the beginning of this year and I am interested in spreading knowledge about how the climate is changing. I am also a member of Student Council, NHS, Link Crew, RACE Club, and Book Club. I love to read, help others, and paint. I also play tennis and have awful hand-eye coordination.

Lauren Rekis

I am Lauren, a 16 year old attending Marshall High School. I enjoy reading, gardening, crocheting, and showing my horse. The reason I joined the Climate Change Symposium Planning Committee was in order to learn more about the effects of climate change on the Earth, and to help other students learn about them as well.

Theo McCardell

I am Theo McCardell, a junior at the math and science center. I went to the HSCCS both prior years and am excited to help host it. I am interested in the solutions to climate change and in furthering the preservation of nature.

Everything the High School Climate Change Symposium puts out exists because of the collaborative efforts of the organizers listed above. We each put careful thought and consideration into everything that you see here, and we are so thankful for everyone who takes the time to come and view what we have put together for you.
    ~ HSCCS Planning Committee, 2023

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