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10:00 - 10:55 AM (EDT)

Dr. Lily Odarno

Director of CATF’s Energy and Climate Innovation Program, Africa

She leads CATF’s effort to address the dual need of expanding affordable energy in developing economies and building a global decarbonized energy system. Her work focuses on development-centric energy transition pathways, utility markets, and technology innovation for low-carbon energy development in Africa.


Dr. Peter Reich

Professor; Director of the Institute for Global Change Biology (IGCB) at UMich; Distinguished McKnight University Professor

Dr. Peter Reich, a renowned expert in forest ecology, has conducted global change research on plants, soils, and ecosystems across a range of scales.

Reich’s work is multi-faceted and touches upon various aspects of terrestrial ecology, attempting to link fundamental physiology with community dynamics and ecosystem structure and function, within the context of the myriad of global environmental challenges that face us. This includes studying the effects on ecosystems of rising CO 2 and associated climate change, biodiversity loss, and wildfire.

Presentation: A guide to stopping climate change and enhancing social justice: a global perspective

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