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Information for Speakers

Thank you so much for lending your time and expertise to this event.  High school students crave information on this topic, and will find the time they spend with you very useful.

Below you will find important information for you to understand leading up to symposium day. 

If you have any questions, please contact the student who originally reached out to you, or the Symposium Advisor Teacher Tim Muhich at

Before the Symposium

  1. Check on the speakers page to make sure all of your information is correct. 

  2. Identify if there are any presentations you would like to attend.  We will send you the links to all presentations. 

  3. Prepare your presentation materials.  Remember, the event will be over Zoom. 

  4. Familiarize yourself with Zoom, and download the application if you have not already. 

  5. Test your camera and microphone to make sure they function properly

  6. Identify the physical location from where you will give your presentation.  Having a strong internet connection is essential. 

  7. If you need help with any of these items, please contact us, and we would be more than happy to be of assistance. 

Getting into your Zoom Room

  1. The day before the symposium (2/19), you will receive an email with the link to the zoom room where you will be presenting.  

  2. Enter your Zoom room 15 minutes before your presentation time starts.  Unless you are the first presentation of the day, or right after lunch, another presentation will be going on at that time.  

  3. When the presentation before you ends, the room moderator will make you a co-host of the meeting, and answer any questions you have.  

  4. Your email the day before the symposium will also contain a phone number to call if you are having trouble getting into the meeting.  If you cannot get into the meeting, call the number as soon as possible so there is time for us to help you. 


  1. Please remember this presentation is for high school students.  They are not dumb, but they may not have the background knowledge a college student or someone in your field does.

  2. We are using the same zoom room and links all day.  It is imperative that you do not run over. Another presenter may need to set up in there, and students need to get to their next session.

  3. Your session is 55 minutes long. Please save some of that time for answering questions.  

  4. Please leave the students with at least one actionable outcome or piece of advice from your talk. Feel free to ask them to do things.

  5. There will be a moderator in your room who will help you get set up, introduce you, keep track of time, and identify questions in the audience. Before you begin, they will ask you if you want questions throughout, or if you want them held to the end.  

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