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No upcoming events at the moment

If you want to learn more about climate change, its impacts, and how to take meaningful action to address it, this event is a must for you.  Take a look through the presentations that will be available to us.  

Get Your School Involved

Share this event with your school.  Attached you will find a flier to send to your science teacher and principal.  The more students and teachers we can get to come, the larger the impact of this day will be.  Don't forget to follow us on Instagram.  


Link to Fliers:

Flier 1  

Flier 2

Get Yourself Signed up

The best way for you to ensure you can learn about climate change, the impacts it has, and what to do about it, is to sign up for the symposium now.  

At the symposium, you can focus on the topics you care about most.  Make sure to familiarize yourself with all your options before selecting which sessions you would like to attend.  

The High School Climate Change Symposium is open to high school students and teachers only. 

Tell us why you are coming, and see why others are too!


Password: EducateMitigateParticipate

Take Action Now!

At the conclusion of the symposium, all participants will get a certificate of completion and a list of actions they can take to help mitigate climate change. One action you can take now is to create a Flipgrid at the link below for us to share with policy makers.



Password: HighSchoolClimateChangeSymposium


If you have a good idea for how to make a positive impact, let us know.     

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