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Information for Teachers

Climate change is one of the biggest problems facing the world today, but for many of us, it does not play a major role in our classrooms.  There are many reasons for this including lack of knowledge and Professional Development around this topic.  By attending this symposium, you will learn more about climate change and hopefully come home with ideas for how to build this important topic into your curriculum. Science Teachers will leave with everything they need start a climate change program at their school, and teachers in other subjects will be better able to see the role climate change plays in social justice issues.     

Get your Students Involved

Encouraging your students to attend this event will help them have a better understanding of the importance of learning science and taking action on it. 


If you are offering extra credit, or assigning attendance at this event, we are more than happy to inform you if your students show up.  Just email us a list of their names, and we will take attendance for you. 

For Science Teachers

While the symposium lasts one day for everyone else, science teachers wishing to leave with everything you need to start teaching an elective course on climate change, will have a full weekend of training.  

On Saturday, you should attend the same sessions the students do, and on Sunday, you will engage in the full day of course specific training.

The Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center has multiple sections of Honors Global Climate Change running this school year.  We are using a curriculum developed in partnership with Professor Richard Rood of the University of Michigan.  

For Non Science Teachers

Climate Change is an interdisciplinary problem.  As a result, we have numerous sessions throughout the day on Climate action, justice and policy.  Attending these sessions will better prepare you to address these topics in your classroom.  All sessions open to students are also open to non science teachers as well.  

Science Teacher Schedule
For Sunday (2/21)


Session 1

Attend the following

Luke Perry and Tim Muhich, BCAMSC

Creating a Climate Change program at your school 


Session 2

Attend the following

Tim Muhich, BCAMSC 

Teaching Climate Change Unit 1, the Mechanism


Session 3

Attend the following

Tim Muhich, BCAMSC

Teaching Climate Change Unit 2, Earth's Climate History and Impacts of GCC


Session 4

Attend the following

Tim Muhich, BCAMSC

Teaching Climate Change Unit 3, Mitigation and Adaptation

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